Let there be Light

In the beginning God created all things. Since the beginning there have been people questioning the validity of that very statement. Many say there is no need for religion and that nature reveals all and science explains everything. There is some truth to these statements however, they leave some pretty big holes when it comes to explaining the bigger question of WHY?

Nature reveals WHAT our Creator has done. Science explains HOW a lot of it works. The Bible is man attempt to explain WHY it all came to be. The misconception that both science and nature are all we need is the reason we as a race have become so unbalanced. The decline in morality seems as if it is never-ending and just when one wonders if it can get any worse – it gets worse. 

In the beginning when God created all things he gave us the gift of free-will and reason. It is free-will that gives us the ability to make our own decisions.  It is reason that enables us discern the difference between right and wrong as well as the ability to use logic as a means to formulate our thoughts.  When we misuse these gifts we fall into darkness.  Sometimes people live in darkness their whole lives never knowing that with a little effort they can step back into the light.  This has been the cycle since the very beginning when out of darkness our Creator uttered the words “Let there be light”.  There is no scientific evidence that goes against the creation of the world being performed by God.  Evolution is theory and the “Big Bang” is also theory.  Theory (according to Merriam-Webster) is:  the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another and when used in the context of scientific theory the definition is:  a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena.   (oddly enough plausible means:  appearing worthy of belief).  So the secular folks who like to point to scientific theory are pointing to things that in themselves also require an element of faith which means they do not categorically or scientifically disprove the existence of a Creator.

Nature is a gift.  We enjoy its beauty and we are sustained by it. 

Science is also a gift.  It allows us to explore nature and uncover the magnificent design that was employed in creation. 

A survey of nature and of science exposes the preciseness of the creation and the precision which keeps everything in balance points to intelligent design.  It can’t be an act of freakish chance that the earth is the exact distance from a star which emanates the perfect amount of light and heat.  And that there is a moon which is also perfectly proportioned and distanced with the exact amount of gravitational pull to control the tides.  Freakish coincidence or an intended and perfectly thought out creation by an all loving and benevolent God?

The Bible has been called many things.  Some say it’s all folklore and some say that it is the infallible Word of God.  Some view it as outdated and arcane and others have an even worse opinion.  The Bible is a library of books and the books span a variety of topics from history to poetry and from mythology to prophesy.  It shows total darkness and the purest and most divine Light.  For thousands of years people have looked to it for guidance.  It is often misquoted and it is sometimes misunderstood.  Much of what people know about the Bible is what someone else tells them it says and in many cases even that is based on what yet someone else said.  There are very few people who have actually read the Bible from cover to cover.  There is no way to form a solid or credible opinion of the Bible unless you have read it from beginning to end.  It is a task that to some may seem daunting and impossible but, I was lost in darkness and doubt and when I made the decision to read it from cover to cover.  When I did, I found that while it contains some of the most divine truths, it also contains a lot of violence and bloodshed.  It reveals light and darkness from the beginning to the end.  Its impact is dependent on the individual ability to reason and their mental capabilities.  Some will cling to it, some will discard it, and others will dig for its deeper meaning and what they uncover will vary from one individual to the next.  One just has to open up their mind and think for themself.

Let there be Light.

© Nelson Rose, The Quest for Light

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