The Balance of Reason and Nature

Reason is a reflection of the Supreme Intelligence within each of us. Reason united with nature demonstrates the infinite perfection of Deity and deciphers the mysteries of nature and of man. Through reason we are capable of obtaining true balance. Just as the tide ebbs and flows and the sun rules the world by day while the darkness rules the night, we use reason to balance the light and dark sides of our souls. Our Creator designed us with free will to choose our own course in life. We were equipped with reason to govern our actions. Our sense of reason is what separates us from being mere beasts of burden. The less we use this gift, the more mundane and meaningless our lives will become. It is by reason that we are enabled to balance our lives, our passions, and our future.

We are created with the ability to love yet we are also created with the ability to hate. We are given the ability to reproduce and the voracity to kill. We are created with the ability to give and are also readily willing to receive. We are given the tenderness of compassion and the cruelness of neglect. We are brave and yet we show fear. All of these attributes are governed by our sense of reason. It is our own choices that define who we are and not those of our ancestors. The actions we take are a result of a conscious decision we make of our own free will and accord and in doing so we are our own masters.

In using our sense of reason, we are able to see that the myth of original sin is neither natural nor sensible. We do not “sin” because of the fall of man, which is Paul of Tarsus’ interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve. We just make bad choices. Saying otherwise is a cop-out that does nothing but pass on the responsibility to someone else. Take responsibility for yourself, your actions are your own doing. Whether it’s our inability to control our inner greed or whether it is our inability to control our jealousies, it is a conscious decision of the individual that causes them to do wrong and not some implanted defect that is inherited from father to son and mother to daughter. Nor is it the overwhelming power of an evil deity or devil that causes all the pain and suffering in the world. In order for there to be good, there must be evil. We all must “take the good with the bad”.

Where there is light there will always be darkness, where there is hope there will always be fear; for neither can exist without the other. Just as Jesus cannot exist without Satan, there is no purpose for one without the other. Without Satan man would not have fallen from the grace of God, so Jesus would not have had to die on the cross. Is this a fact? Or is this another allegory, another hidden example of how we need to balance our lives? Is this perhaps an allegory that defines the fact that one cannot see the light without first being in darkness? One cannot understand joy without first experiencing sorrow. We will fall before we can walk. We must fail before we can succeed.

Balance is the result of the use of reason. The concept of good and evil and the balancing of both through reason was a concept that predated Christianity. You can find this in the early Egyptian religions, the ancient Persian religion taught by Zoroaster and even the Hindus. Zoroaster was explicit in the distinction of good and evil and that life would be a constant struggle between truth and lies. He taught that the actions of an individual were their own choice and thus the responsibility and consequences for those actions were their own.

Nature is perfect in every way. Nature is the infallible revelation of God, and it is undoubtedly the easiest way in which we are capable of seeing the power and glory of our Creator. Sure, there are things like earthquakes and hurricanes that we as people may not necessarily like, but they are necessary for nature to maintain its continuous cycle. They are part of the divine architecture from which we all came and eventually we all return.

© Nelson Rose, The Quest for Light

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