A new spin on life: Apotheosis

The human body is a small-scale replica of the universe. Just as the universe contains millions of galaxies, the body contains millions of cells. Just as the Creator gives life to all things and enables the balance and order of the cosmos, the brain controls every function, reflex, action and reaction of the body. Just as Jesus (or one of the other religious messiah figures) gave blood so that others might live, the heart beats and gives blood to all extremities of the body to enable them to live. And just as the seed meeting the egg initiates the formation of a new life, the Great Architect through Divine Providence and immutable and incomprehensible power created all things.

The concept of self-deification, or apotheosis, may seem somewhat foreign to some of you but, it is actually a pretty common concept. It is just perceived and taught in different ways. I realize that to my Christians friends this view may seem heretical and for you I can offer you text directly from the Bible that teaches the concept of self-deification. “Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48). Or “Be holy, because I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16). And for my Jewish friends, this concept is in the Torah as well “Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy.” (Leviticus 19:2). The Kabbalah is filled with teachings about attaining more Light for the purposes of emulating and emanating that Light.

All the religions of the world have the same general purpose, to comprehend and interpret the Creator and the intent at which the Creator acts through Providence. The problem comes in when you add layers of dogma about justification and sanctification and when radical fundamentalism takes root. The result of these flaws is usually a “Holy War” or “Jihad” – as if there is anything holy about war. The Israelites brutalized the people in Canaan in the name of God, the Christians during the Crusades and Inquisitions, and now the Muslims (with some help from the Jews and Christians). How in the name of common sense does killing anyone over their belief in the Creator make any sense? What exactly does it accomplish? If we were all to emulate the Creator and show the same kindness that we are shown, the world would be a much better place. Think about it, even the most despotic of people is allowed to breathe because the Creator’s love is more benevolent than any of us can comprehend. We are not alone though. The sum of all creation falls under the same magnificent design. So things like earthquakes and hurricanes that we consider bad are all part of the natural order and serve very distinct purposes, regardless of how inconvenient they may be to mankind. It it the selfish nature of humanity that is the problem, not the actions of God.

When we observe the wonder and perfection of nature we are able to discern the benevolence of our Creator. We do not need a book or a prophet to tell us the love our Almighty Father has for us. Every breathe we take and every move we make are made possible by the infallible gift of nature, which is the true Word of our Creator.

This great gift of life and the Creation that enables and supports it, should compel one to emulate the Creator. Imagine a world where people didn’t put themselves first and gave for the sake of giving and expected nothing in return. The Creator gave us all we need and did so without us having to ask. We should do the same for each other.

© Nelson Rose, The Quest for Light

5 thoughts on “A new spin on life: Apotheosis

  1. Hi Nelson,
    I am Cindy’s husband in Williston, FL. “Jihad” means personal struggle with something in life. It does not indicate violence or war of any sort.
    Anyhow, http://www.ornan117.com is my Freemason meeting house in our town. Is this the same branch of Masonry that you are in? Do you know Mike Price in Leesburg? He is Scottish and York Rite.
    Can you and I talk more on the phone? LMK
    Thanks for your time and speaking with Cindy!

    PS-Nice to read the words of a thinking man.


    • Yes, that lodge is part of the same branch of Freemasonry that I am. I am a member of Scottish Rite as well. It is an appendant body of Masonry with additional degrees that are highly philosophical and symbolic. Please stop by often. I try to post once a week.


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  3. I love this post–it totally resonates with me. Being a nursing major, I’ve been studying the human body and it is completely stunning in its complexity! It is comprised of trillions of cells. As you study each system, it is infinitely complex in the way it functions (galaxy). I have often thought, we we are sparks out of the fire, expressing God, then it would take trillions of “cells” (think: people), working uniquely yet together in perfect harmony to fully express Him. Which is one of the many reasons that I believe reproduction continues in future ages. Children are the heartbeat of God, and the more the merrier! We all have something different of Him to express.

    Nelson, have you ever studied out the Greek word rendered “perfect” in the NT? It is fascinating. Read this whole definition (http://concordances.org/greek/5046.htm). I think the word “perfect” was a translator bias based on the whole “moral righteousness” distortion, but the truer meaning of the word is beautiful.


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