Hello, my name is God…

OK.  So my last posting caused a bit of a stir.  I think it is important to remember that the whole purpose of my blog is to use reason, religion, and philosophy to understand and uncover the most sublime truths.   The Quest for Light is all about not being afraid to ask the tough questions about our Creator and the various systems of religion that have been formed to understand the nature of that Divine Author of Truth.

When searching for truth and the nature of our Creator, one has to be able to accept the fact that no religion is without flaw.  God created the universe and man is a part, a very small part, of that creation.  Man created religion and man, unlike our Creator, is not all-powerful or flawless.  Therefore ALL religions, which are creations of man and not God, contain flaws.  I don’t say this to insult anyone as I believe most systems of religion have the same intention, which is to have an understanding of our Creator, provide moral precepts, and a path to some form of salvation or after-life.  Each system claims authority on the topic of our Creator when none of them really have any authority at all.  They just claim to.  All of them are built on foundations that claim revelation by certain people from ancient times that defy a modern person’s sense of reason.   The world we live in today, the knowledge that we have of the universe and the intricate workings of our own planet have already begun to show that the various holy books are not the infallible texts that people once believed them to be.  This is because the writers used what was known about the world at that time.  One such example was the belief that the world was flat and that the sky was a canopy with all of the stars and planets serving as immovable “lesser lights” and the “greater lights” or the sun and moon revolved around the earth.  To say otherwise was heresy – just ask Galileo.  However science has already discredited that claim and I’m pretty sure anyone who has flown on an airplane hasn’t seen a magical city in the clouds guarded by angels.  We’ve had astronauts circling the globe and on the moon and they haven’t found it either.  This discredits or at the very least casts significant doubt on the factuality of stories of people ascending into the clouds and on to “heaven” (Elijah, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.).

Science has come a long way since the time of the Enlightenment and even more so the past couple of decades.  During the Enlightenment, a number of philosophers including Francis Bacon, Locke, and Voltaire began to outline the philosophical justifications for removing the appeal to supernatural forces and replacing them with an investigation of the natural world.  This lead to further scientific studies that would offer modes of explanation that gave rise to sciences like biology, geology, physics, and other natural sciences.  We now know that when the earth shakes it is not because God is angry at us.  It is because of giant continental plates moving along fault lines. We have also learned from science that God does not show his anger through mountains of fire and brimstone.  These are called volcanic eruptions and are caused by molten rock (or lava) making its way up to the surface.  We have learned that the thunderous wrath of God is really caused when cold air and warm air collide in the atmosphere and create the phenomenon of thunder.

So, what am I trying to say?

Our concept of the Creator must be able to coexist with the findings of science and the laws of nature.  Mankind does not create these laws or principles.  They were written and constructed by the Divine Author of all things.  We just uncover them and increase our understanding of the unperceivable perfection of creation and the Great Architect of the Universe.   As we progress as a species and objects of creation, we should strive to become wiser and the things we could not explain in the past we will be able to explain because of our ever increasing knowledge of science.

Throughout history mankind has used God to explain the unexplainable.  If the authors of the various holy books were any more divinely inspired then you or I, than one could easily argue that they would not have been so far off base in their explanations of creation and the various phenomena of nature.  Wouldn’t God have given them accurate information that would have been able to stand the test of time and not be disproven?  This is not an impossible concept.  One only needs to look at the work of Pythagoras to see that it is very possible for ancient findings and study to stand the test of time and culture development.  A true understanding of our Creator cannot be based exclusively on ancient writings from the Bronze Age.  We have to use our sense of Reason, which is the divine gift that separates us from the other species that inhabit the earth, as well as embrace the continued advancement of scientific study.  It is the further understanding of the nature of creation and the hidden code within it that will bring us to a closer and more fulfilling concept of God.

Sneak Peak – My next post will be on some of the moral teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and what, I believe, is the purpose he serves ALL of mankind…

© Nelson Rose, The Quest for Light

3 thoughts on “Hello, my name is God…

  1. Our mom raised us as catholics, but I have found only one religion I like and that was in reading the Conan novels by Robert E. Howard. Conan’s god, Crom, simply expected you to use whatever abilities you were given at birth and when you died, you were judged based on your own efforts, that was it.
    use what I gave you, we’ll talk when it’s over.
    I see debating religion as pointless, because the only answers we have are the ones we choose to believe.
    If anyone responds to this, please don’t point out that REH commited suicide in his early thirties. We all have our demons and I don’t know what his were, and also I’m not concerned with the source of the message (in this case, pulp fiction) I like the message regardless of the source, but one thing that I really don’t like about traditional religions is that there always seems to be some form of eternal punishment involved for the non-believers. to me this does not seem to be a very enlightened view.
    If I were God, I would just keep sending you back to earth until you got it right, no matter how long it took.
    No punishment, people, not with me, ever. I wouldn’t do that, not to one of MY creations.
    I mean come on, have a little faith in me.


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