“Freemasonry is a satanic cult and they can’t be trusted.” OH NO YOU DIDN’T.

It’s been far to long since my last blog post. Truth be told I’ve been a bit busy. Ever since I started my blog I’ve had a steady readership and for the most part positive feedback. Unfortunately ignorance and self-righteous arrogance bleeds through and I get comments and email that are pretty harsh and typically ignorant. One such person is a Baptist Minister from Mississippi who I will call Rev. X. He has accused me of being a stupid atheist and a minion of the anti-Christ. As ridiculous as this is he recently sent me a nasty email about Freemasonry (I”m a Freemason) with “evidence” to base his pathetically stupid position on the matter. Below is my response to him.


Rev. X,

First of all the organized leadership of the various Christian Churches are so ridiculously ignorant on what Freemasonry is all about it’s laughable.

Freemasonry is an ancient fraternity that uses symbolism and allegory to teach lessons of morality and to imprint on the mind wise and serious truths. It was a common method of teaching in medieval times when textbooks, reading, and literacy were rare. The foundation of Freemasonry is “The Fatherhood of God and the Fraternity of Man. ”

I find it ironic that the religion that kneels at an altar of sacrifice, under a roman torturous execution device (the cross/crucifix), drinks blood (which is what the wine symbolizes), eats human flesh (which is what the unleavened wafer symbolizes), on the day of the sun-god Ra (origin of the name for Sunday) can question or condemn the use of symbolism.

Jesus taught in parables, the story of Jonah is widely accepted by scholars as folklore, the book of Revelation is all symbolism and allegory, as well as Job and some of the Psalms. So for Christians to object to the use of allegory is mind numbingly hypocritical.

The real issue is that Christians feel their way is the right and only way. They have slaughtered millions of people in wars and inquisitions to make it the largest religion of the world today (and ironically vilify the Muslims for doing the same thing). Most people have no clue of Christianity’s true jewish origin and how the “apostle Paul” (and some of the early “church fathers”) corrupted it from the deeds based teachings of Jesus, which are some of the most noble and admirable teachings, to the faith-based nonsense it is now.

Christians consider it idolatry that Freemasons pray to the Great Architect of the universe and emphasize that deeds are critical to the future state of the soul (again a Jewish teaching as well as a Jesus teaching). The grand architect is not a “Masonic” god. It is a universal term for deity that enables a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Deist, or person of another faith to pray without another religion’s name for god. This is taught in the first degree of Freemasonry. In today’s world it fills me with pride when I can pray alongside a Muslim and a Christian Brother peacefully.

I saw a pathetically ignorant comment in one of the articles you reference that a Freemason couldn’t be trusted as a political leader. Really? What about – George Washington, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Gerald Ford? They were all Masonic Presidents.

What about guys like Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, and almost every general in the continental army?

What about Walt Disney, Dave Thomas, Samuel “Mark Twain” Clemens, John Wayne, General Douglas MacArthur, Brad Paisley, and I could go on.

The fact of the matter is America was founded on the Masonic principles and morals of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the freedom of religion. These virtues are what framed the philosophy of our entire country in a time when religion (predominantly the Catholics and Anglicans) was incestuously married to governmental power.

As for your view on Deism as heretical goes, that to is baseless. In its purest state Deism is the most accurate of all religious philosophies. Pure Deism believes in God and holds to the idea that we will never understand the incomprehensible power and ways of God. Personally, I believe religions are man’s way of trying to put a humanistic box around the awesome nature of our Creator. It compensates for the fact that while Reason and Free Choice are divine gifts, they still need moral boundaries. The flaw in religion is when they overstep that context and try to control people and influence them through violence. Thomas Paine, while masterfully brilliant in regards to reason, fell into the same trap when he relentlessly bashed religion and the Bible in the Age of Reason. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was a brilliant literary masterpiece but, some of the rhetoric was a bit harsher than it needed and can be compared to the brashness of an evangelical bashing an atheist for not “knowing the truth.” Nevertheless it should be required reading as it states a powerful case for the existence of God to people who want to believe but, have issues with the revealed religious movements of the world.

Christians should really remember the teachings of the man they worship, some of the most moral precepts ever uttered by a man:

Judge not, lest ye be judged.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Feed the poor and aid the needy.
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

While all of these except the last one really originate in the Jewish Torah, these are commonly avoided teachings that Jesus emphasized in so many of his parables (aka allegorical teachings). Christians need to walk the talk of the man they follow. A man who was comfortable sitting with common sinners instead of self-righteous hypocrites. Before they open their often ignorant and self-serving mouthes they should think – what would Jesus do?

© Nelson Rose, The Quest for Light

7 thoughts on ““Freemasonry is a satanic cult and they can’t be trusted.” OH NO YOU DIDN’T.

  1. although formerly a born-again Christian, you have made many thorough points that would be wise for a fundamentalist Christian to hear/ read. for example, the fact that Christians do too, use symbols right in front of their eyes but don’t realize it. (in Catholicism this is blatantly obvious, bordering on occultic) ….

    you state, “The fact of the matter is America was founded on the Masonic principles and morals of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the freedom of religion.”, and you also list Masonic presidents. But neither of these favourably support the state of America today? For me actually, these are reasons the U.S. IS the way it is today. Masonry is a cover for a milder form of Satanism which is why symbols are constantly used, for a Christian public would not accept it otherwise. Ha, regardless of that fact, Masonry is prevalent in all our media whether we want to see it or not. Masonry is a religion for the elite including the British Royals. It is a religion you have the privilege of belonging to, if you are wealthy enough. And know how to keep your mouth shut. It is nothing more than a vehicle for the wealthy to come together and further their dominance of the world, to put it very basically.


    • A few things Tee. The problem with the US is simple. All empires eventually become corrupt and collapse so, the notion that the US would go on forever is itself part of the problem. Our society is to “me focused” and greedy. This is a far cry from the principles of charity and brotherly live that Freemasonry is built on.

      You are a bit misinformed on Masonry. Masonry is not a religion of any kind. The notion that it is satanism in anyway is ignorant to say the least given the immense amount of charity we do and what our moral precepts are. Not sure where you get the info to make your claims but, they have no merit.


  2. Okay, So i personally CAN NOT say anything about the freemasons, only because I have not done enough research and am the type of person who refuses to make a fool of myself. What I can say and acknowledge is the shared belief that Christians are always the first to condemn and to judge, without realizing that our savior sat amoungst sinners and in fact choose to be around them through out his entire ministry. This makes me very sad to know that their are Christian men (let alone ministers) who think that they can “misconstrue” the words of the Lord to let them judge others.


  3. Nelson,

    Minus the fact that you don’t recognize the deity of Christ, you would make a fine Christian preacher. You are right that Christians need to practice what Jesus preached. It is sad that there is a loud and obnoxious fundalmentalist voice for the Church today that does not represent the majority I am afraid. I often wonder why the abrasive Christians have the radio shows and TV spotlight. I think its because they love to talk about things as though there is a black and white perfect answer for everything while condemning everyone that doesn’t agree with them on all points. I wish there were more tamer Christian voices on the media that truly reflect the love of Christ. I know far more of those in my circles than the ones ready to burn everyone else at the stake.

    I must add however, that most religions and systems of belief have violent pasts, including segments of Free Masonism, especially in France, Italy and other Latin countries. Although we need to be aware of that violent past and avoid further violence, those aweful pretenders to the faiths that encourage it do not represent all. I dare say, if the sacred writ or doctrine itself condones violence it should be abolished. I argue that the Christian has no right to violence. Through Christ violence is to end and love offered instead. The sacrifice of Christ on the cross was to be the filter through which violence is extracted from the world. Christians that condone violence are stuck in the OT and do not understand the fullness of the New Age ushered in by Christ.


  4. I can say that I’m a Christian and that I have studied about freemasons and they are a satanic cult who worship baphomet. All their symbols are satanic and you, if you are a mason know that, and you know that it is only darkness and satanic oaths and demonic rituals, so be honest with yourself and repent and renounce masonry before it’s too late! That’s telling the truth not judging–There is only one judge and that is God, Christians warn people-only Jesus Christ can save them! The Bible says God hates secret societies-enough said.


    • I am a Freemason and there is no Baphomet worship. I would love for you to prove otherwise. Every Mason chooses their own religion, we only require that a man hold a belief in a Supreme Being – what that belief may be is personal.

      We take oaths with our hands on a King Jame Bible – not sure where you get the satanic idea from.

      “God hates secret societies” – chapter and verse please..


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