The World Trade Center in New York.

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It’s hard to believe 10 years have passed since the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon, claimed so many lives, and changed our world forever. Suddenly, a new kind of enemy had emerged that no one ever expected or knew how to deal with. For most of us our lives eventually went back to normal and those who lost loved ones they’ve managed to cope in their own way. We’ve lived on but, changed forever.

We all remember where we were, what we were doing, and who we with when the events of that day unfolded. For those who weren’t born or to young to remember, they have the stories of others to take them back to that day. It was the most tragic day in our history and one that made most of us feel vulnerable and unsafe. With all the pain and suffering there is a senselessness as to how this could happen. Some even ask questions like – God, why did you let this happen? Why were innocent people killed? Why did so many people get hurt? And the biggest one of all – God, are you even out there?

I don’t have the answers to those questions. As a person who views that there is a purpose for everything and supreme authority to which we are all accountable to, I believe that some things will never make sense and some things will seem grueling unfair. Today, is one of the few days that makes me wonder, doubt, remember, and be grateful all at the same time.

For those lost, you will be missed.
For those left behind, you are not alone.
For those serving in harm’s way, come home soon.
For those who hate, learn to love.

When the evil in the world affects those who know how to love and how to be charitable, evil wins. Stay strong.

© Nelson Rose, The Quest for Light